Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Will the Next Bubble Be?

Bloomberg has a brief piece on the modern-day prevalence of bubbles.  With low interest rates and rich people being rich people, there's always an irrational investment opportunity in demand.  But now that commodities and energy have finally collapsed, virtually every asset class, from financials, retail, emerging markets, to transportation are down.  So where's the next boom coming from?

The article suggest old Europe and cars.  My personal pick is global infrastructure.  Morgan Stanley raised a big fund to do just this.  Ageing roads and bridges in the U.S. (Minneapolis bridge for one, which my parents drove across every day once.  I'm surprised it's not getting more play at the RNC.), huge demand in the BRICs, and the Middle East is up there as well.  You can make up really big numbers if you want.  Add also all of that "green" and "sustainable" nonsense.  

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