Friday, September 5, 2008

No Seriously, Don't Drop the Soap

I was looking through the achievements of the 108th Congress, which was Republican dominated in the Bush years, to see if divided governments actually produce better legislation.  Between mandating that Syria not be evil and creating the do not call list, turns out they found time to eliminate prison rape.  

The Wikipedia page links to a prison-themed board game called, I am not making this up, Don't Drop the Soap.  Including such tasteful tokens as "a bag of coke" and a "gat", the goal of the game is to reach parole without, well, dropping the soap and returning to the starting point.  Best of all, the game was designed by the son of Katherine Sibelius--Kansas governor and former Democrat VP hopeful--and sold out of the governor's mansion.  When contacted about the issue, a spokesperson responsed that the parents "are very proud of their son John's creativity and talent."  Elsewhere on the site you can find a picture of the world with lots of dots photoshopped on (presumably supposed to represent store locations, though I don't know why they're retailing in Darfur and have a giant hub in Mato Grosso), discarded thrift store shirts with paint thrown on them retailing for $95, a logo telling me that "it's OK to like cool things," and this loser, hung over at his mom's pool.   

John's company has worked with Uncle Bo's Blues Bar, Homer Hounds, and the Democratic Governors Association.  Nice.

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