Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It's sad what counts as experience these days.  

Ask George H.W. Bush.  By 1991, he was a: war hero, successful businessman, congressman, UN Ambassador, Envoy to China, Director of the C.I.A., professor, Vice President of the most popular administration in recent memory, president for three years, and commander-in-chief during the most popular war ever.  I think that's pretty good qualification to... keep his old job.

And he still lost the presidential election, to a man from Hope.  Sixteen years later, that guy's wife tries, and fails, to run on a platform of experience, losing to a guy mongering hope.  The hope-monger selects as his running mate another man who had earlier critized him for lacking experience.  The two battle against another war hero, who had earlier lost to the son of the most experienced person ever.  This white-haired dude says the hope-monger lacks experience.  So he picks an attractive moose-hunter as running mate.  

Now we're all wondering whether community organizing, or shooting wolves from a plane, or losing track of your houses, or whatever it is that Joe Biden does counts as experience.  Lost in this mess is the governor from New Mexico, who is rumored to have done quite a few things at some point.  

Everybody needs to stop talking about experience, because no one has any, and even if they did, saying that you have it doesn't help you win.

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