Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Colony

If you've seen the latest BSG episode, there are some strange things I've picked up:

The humans figured that after the war, the Cylons retreated to a homeworld.  Now, it looks like the Cylons were purely space oriented from the beginning, and went to the space-borne 'Colony' in order to get the humanoid Cylon models. 

Cavil moved the Colony some time ago.  If they aren't messing with me with the screen shots, it looks like it was moved to near Jupiter--by Earth.  Cavil knows where Earth is, and the 'mandala' comes up again.

All this is also, however, building up to some sort of 'higher power' who seems to be manipulating events--acting through angels on Kara, Caprica-6, Baltar, etc.  Hera is mixed up into all of this.  Presumably this power created Kara's resurrection.

Strange things are going on with Kara Thrace.  She's the 'harbinger of death' but also can somehow resurrect, which is connected with a new future for the Cylon/Humans.  

Looks like they're going to kill off the battlestar by ramming it into the colony, rescuing Hera, and finding some closure.  I hope to be more pleasantly surprised than that.  

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